You’ve seen them at church. Adults that look peaceful and happy when they pray. That kid that knows all of the answers to the questions in Sunday school. That kid that comes up with prayers at youth group that are so good, you think your pastor should take notes! And then there’s the during-service knitters, nappers, texters and the bulletin doodlers. The four-year olds that already know “Jesus” is the right answer to every question your pastor asks and the adults that go to Bible study with your parents. They are young and not-so-young and just like you, they are:


Every one of us, from the youngest youth to the most mature adult is a work in progress. Our relationships with God, our families and friends don’t just magically happen – they are built on foundations of respect, trust and love. And those relationships need regular maintenance in order to thrive. Nobody is born with it all figured out—we learn how to be examples of God’s love through the ups and downs of our relationships with others.

Youth in grades 6 to 12 and their adult leaders are invited to Camp Indianola on Friday, March 16th through Sunday, March 18th for a weekend of exploring what it means to be a work in progress, growing in love, community and faith.

REGISTRATION OPENS Monday, January 1, 2018!

SUMYT has sold out for the last several years, so don’t delay! Tell your friends and youth leader to register early at: https://sumyt2018.eventbrite.com
Looking for a way to promote SUMYT at your church? Check out this flyer – it would look great on a bulletin board at your church! You can also print out this handout to pass out to your friends!


Grab your bellbottoms, platform shoes, neon top, jelly shoes, slap bracelets, flannel shirt or track suit and dress for your favorite decade! Whether you’re a fan of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s or the 00’s, the SUMYT dance is the perfect place to show off your favorite threads! If dances aren’t your thing, don’t worry. There will be games and other activities during the dance so you’ll still have a great time with your friends!


The SUMYT store is stocked with drinks, snacks (healthy and not-so-healthy), games, mystery bags and other awesome souvenirs you’ll love! Be sure to bring some cash so you can pick-up your favorites (small bills, please!). Supporting the SUMYT store supports local youth ministry! A portion of the funds raised in the store go towards SUMYT scholarships. This makes it so no youth misses out on the retreat due to financial hardship. That $1.00 candy bar or that $5.00 SUMYT water bottle can make a real difference for youth in our area! SUMYT also donates a portion of the store proceeds to the Youth Service Fund (YSF). The Youth Service Fund is a unique ministry because it is run completely by, with and for youth. Youth contribute the money, they decide what projects receive the money, and the projects supported are youth-designed, youth-led, and youth benefited. Check out youthservicefund.org for more information about this awesome ministry!


Sleeping bag (or blankets), pillow, clothes for chilly and potentially wet weather, waterproof jacket, sturdy shoes, dance costume, towel & washcloth, shampoo, toothpaste, soap and other personal care items, flashlight, spending money for the SUMYT store, positive attitude and a friend to share SUMYT with!


If you’re unable to attend SUMYT 2018, please email sumyt.retreat@gmail.com no later than Thursday, March 1, 2018 to receive a full refund. Refunds will NOT be issued for cancellations received after March 1, 2018. At that time, the planning team will have paid deposits and made other arrangements for you or your youth to attend SUMYT.


The SUMYT adults would love to talk with you! You can reach us by emailing sumyt.retreat@gmail.com or visit our team websiteto find out who is in charge of what and how you can reach us!

Looking for photos from past retreats?  Click HERE!

updated: 12/04/2017

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